New Online Course Coming Soon! Crepe Paper Karma Dahlia

Crepe paper dahlia, asters, and mint by Inga Ilze Peterson

Crepe paper dahlia, asters, and mint by Inga Ilze Peterson

Big News! I’m working on launching my first online course, the Karma Dahlia. I’ve been working hard at developing a crepe paper dahlia tutorial that has plenty of ultra realistic detail, yet is still easy to follow and put together.

I’ll be offering two separate course options:

The Karma Dahlia Basic Course ($39) will teach all you need to build this dahlia and will include templates, material list, and video tutorial for the Dahlia flower, sepals, stem and leaves. I’ve even designed a special petal tool made of card stock to help you easily create perfect dahlia petals. The pattern for this tool is included and it takes less than two minutes to make!

The Karma Dahlia Premium Edition Course ($79) includes all the elements from the Foundation Course, plus a ton of extra content and tutorials. You’ll learn about hand painting your own crepe paper, creating a closed and partially open dahlia bud, plus full tutorials for creating the aster flower and mint sprigs shown in the photo above, so you can create your own summertime botanical art bouquet complete with filler flowers and foliage.

This course is especially designed for intermediate to advanced paper crafters or those who have some experience working with crepe paper.

Target launch date for the Basic course is September 2, 2019 and the Premium Edition content will be launching a week after that. Want a special discount? Sign up for my newsletter - click here, I’m announcing a special deal only for my subscribers on launch day!