New Karma Dahlia Course - Launches TODAY!


Woohoo!! My new course is now available for purchase!

Inspired by the Karma dahlia variety - the Karma grows in many colors and typically has a bloom of 4-6 inches in diameter, with beautiful pleated petals. I’ve been working hard on creating a design that is packed with ultra realistic detail, yet is easy to follow and put together. I’ve even designed a simple tool made from cardstock to help you effortlessly create complex pleated dahlia petals - this template is included with the course materials so you can make your own petal tool in under two minutes!

The first edition of this course: The Karma Dahlia Basic Course is priced at $39. You’ll learn how to create the flower, leaves, sepals and stem by following along with me over 4 video segments. Also provided is a full template and materials list.

I’m also working on a Premium Edition which will be completely launched in just a few more weeks! The Karma Dahlia Premium Edition Course is priced at $79 and includes everything from the Basic Course (this content is available for Premium Students right away), plus instruction for hand painting paper, creating two different dahlia buds, and full video tutorials for my Aster flower and Mint. You’ll be able to craft a realistic, hand-painted paper specimen of a Karma Dahlia plus the Aster and Mint to create a stunning bouquet of paper flower art. If you enjoy taking a deep dive into the details of creating paper botanicals, then this course is for you!