Creating lifelike, highly detailed botanical sculptures from paper, paint, wire and glue is my passion. I love the magical feeling of starting with simple tools and materials and ending up with a beautiful, realistic, inspiring work of art. Each piece is crafted with great care, using premium crepe papers and professional grade paints, creating original artwork to be enjoyed by collectors and nature enthusiasts all over the world.

I have been creating art since I was a kid. I loved drawing and would spend hours working on detailed pencil drawings, creating handmade books, making doll clothes, and painting my bedroom furniture with elaborate fantasy landscapes. I loved going to natural history museums and would become mesmerized by the detailed dioramas of wildlife in their habitats. I loved spending time outdoors, exploring the field and forest near our family home in Michigan.

I went on to study fine art (drawing, painting and scientific illustration) and later on design (industrial and graphic) and have spent time living in San Francisco, the Northern California Coast, and now Portland, Oregon.

As I began to pursue a regular art practice along with a full time design job, I realized that I needed a way to create long lasting still life subjects that wouldn’t wilt before I finished a painting. I started experimenting with paper flowers and quickly realized that I wanted to spend all of my studio time creating and designing three dimensional botanical art. I love spending time in nature, looking for interesting specimens to study, photograph, and recreate in paper form.